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Gamakatsu Darter 26
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Gamakatsu Darter 26

(AUD) $8.07 (inc GST)

Code--------- Weight--- Size--- RRP (AUS)
DT20-1/8-----1/8oz------2/0------- $9.50
DT20-3/16----3/16oz----2/0------- $9.50
DT30-1/4------1/4oz------3/0------ $9.50
DT30-3/8------ 3/8oz-----3/0------ $9.50

This horizontal swimming jig head will stay at the same depth throughout the length of the retrieve - incredible but true. For this reason it is an outstanding jig head to use to find fish in large expansive areas. In closer fishing, twitched it looks like a ‘nervous’
darting baitfish and is often savagely struck. (Supplied with weed guards)
Head Style: Bullet Head
Action: Horizontal Swimming
Bait Size: 2" – 7"
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(AUD) $8.07 (inc GST)      Add to Basket

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